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At the Plenipotentiary Conference 2010 of the ITU held in Guadalajara, Mexico, the Republic of Serbia proposed and the Conference adopted the newly revised Resolution 70 – ‘Gender mainstreaming in ITU and promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women through information and communication technology’, setting a base for the creation of a ‘Global Network of Women ICT Decision Makers’ under the auspices of ITU.

This global network will link together women who have a leading position and are decision makers in ICT, whether they are in government, independent regulatory agencies, academia or the private sector. The aim is to create a unified voice for women in the ICT sector, which remains predominately male dominated. It is hoped that the new network will lead to a better future for women and girls in ICT and with ICT.

Furthermore, considering UN Women’s focus on girls, yet that another initiative has been adopted in the newly revised Resolution 70. Plenipotentiary Conference has adopted the amendment that encourages the launch of an ‘International Girls in ICT Day’ with the aim to change girls' and young women's behavior patterns with regard to their choice of career and to expand their spectrum of career options, to include ICT.

During ‘International Girls in ICT Day’ efforts will be taken to introduce young girls to career opportunities in technical fields, with both the public and private sector participating. Universities, institutes, government bodies and private companies alike open their offices, laboratories and workshops to give concrete examples that show girls how interesting and exciting working in technical fields can be.

Finally, the revised Resolution 70, urges to link the work of the ITU with respect to gender mainstreaming to the broader UN system by working with other agencies. Bearing in mind that UN Women will support coherence and coordination across the UN system, we would like to examine how the ITU can encourage and increase the participation of women in the ITU and how the power of ICTs can be leveraged to further advance the economic and social empowerment of women worldwide.

Bearing in mind that ICTs have been identified as a powerful empowerment tool for all, particularly in developing countries. As such, they can play a major role in contributing to the overall objective of fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals. Also bearing in mind that ITU, as the global UN agency charged with managing telecommunications and information society regulation and development, has set up the goal of narrowing the digital divide between women and men, and that the Ministry Telecommunications and Information Society is dedicated to fulfilling its promise and obligations by administrating the network for the next two years, we take great pleasure in inviting you to spearhead this initiative and join us in creating history by becoming a member and take active participation in Network’s activities.

Global Network of Women ICT Decision Makers has been officially launched on 25 February 2011, during the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in New York.



Gender equality and empowerment of women through information and communication technologies.


Awareness raising, promoting and encouraging women and girls to use information and communication technologies, and to pursue careers in this field.


A supportive environment for women and girls to choose information and communication technologies as an empowerment tool and career.

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